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PickensWindowParts.com is brought to you by Pickens Window Service-a family owned business founded by Harry K. and Virginia E. Pickens over sixty years ago.

In 1952, after working for another window repair company, Harry Pickens decided to strike out on his own and to start his own company.

The first several years were extremely tough. Jobs were very scarce and business was very slow, but gradually the name got around and the company prospered.

At first Harry worked out of the back of a station wagon, buying his few needed parts from his former boss. At this time the Pickens family had a small apartment on Vine Street and made screens in a former ticket stand (in fact the building was so small the section had to stick out a window, in order to be cut.

In 1957, the Pickens family moved out to the family farm and used a converted barn for a shop. The business grew.

In 1965, the business moved to 1950 West Galbraith road, with the family home next door. Very quickly this building was outgrown. It was while the company was at this location that the first service truck (a British Metro Mite, the engine was so underpowered that several hills around Cincinnati required the use of low gear) was purchased.

In 1967, Kendall—Harry Pickens’ eldest son—started with the company.

In 1968, Mr. and Mrs. Pickens purchased the building at 6710 Savannah Ave. The building provided the room necessary to seriously enter the screen production business. In this building the company started selling window balances and glazing bead.

1n 1972, Brian—Harry Pickens’ youngest son—started with the company.

In 1989 Brian and Kendall bought the company and incorporated it.

In 2000, Pickens Window Service moved to its present location in Mt. Healthy, Ohio.

In 2007 Brian Pickens bought his brother out and became sole owner.

To find out more information about our available services and parts call us at 513-931-4432 or send us an email.

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